When the kids get old enough

Today I totally forgot to pull anything from the freezer for dinner. If it weren’t for the two very nearly expired packages of tofu and a huge bag of stale rice, we’d have all starved. Well not really, the kids would have eaten marshmallows and I would have counted the 500 or so calories contained in a beer sufficient for a meal.

In addition to the tofu, we also had some veggies. Veggies + rice + tofu, topped with whatever sauces came out of the Asian section of the grocery store = Stir Fry.

Literally the hardest part of cooking stir fry is cutting stuff up. But!!! My kids are now old enough to be handed a knife and pile of veggies and told to proceed in whatever fashion they deem sufficient. Victory. All I had to do was fry the tofu and poof cut up zucchini, peppers and squash magically appeared on the cutting board.

It really feels like all those nights of cutting up pork chops into pieces so small they require an electron microscope to actually see have finally paid off. Best part – they didn’t bitch about dinner. If only every night could turn out so well.

3 thoughts on “When the kids get old enough

  1. Yeah, they didn’t complain ‘cus they got to participate. What a great story. I taught Marty to make his own mac & cheese when he was 8. One day I wasn’t watching from the living room as usual, & my eyes started to burn. Like, really bad. Then it got worse. I went to the kitchen, and MartMan had poured my entire bottle of extra hot Louisiana hot sauce in his mac&cheese, making pepper spray. He hadn’t made the connection between his runny nose and eyes and the hot sauce. I pulled him out of there, and had to air out the house for about 4 hours before it was habitable again. IDK why, I just love that little story

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