Dave S. Koster is the author and primary contributor to this site, he was told that he had to write this bio in 3rd person by no one in particular, though it seems the right thing to do, even though he thinks it’s kinda silly. Actually, Dave finds a lot of things silly, but that doesn’t make them bad things, sometimes silly things are the things you should just go and do. Dave is a satirical fantasy/sci-fi writer & research analyst living in Alaska. Once upon a time, he contributed to Grandma’s Recipe box in the Seward Journal Newspaper. Really though, Dave is just this guy who tries to make sure his family is fed and his wife has whiskey good enough to sip neat. Actually, his Bio-image above should tell you literally everything else you may need or want to know about Dave. Look carefully and pretend you’re Sherlock Holmes. If for some reason you’re interested in guest blogging, hit Dave up on twitter @daveskoster. I won’t pay you, but you get your name on this blog, which is pretty cool, right?

(No, for the second time, Dave doesn’t have a single twin.)