First blog post

I was super proud of myself this week. My wife forced me to finish up the Recipe box a full two days early, so guess who’s getting his Saturday morning back? Instead of being a normal guy and squandering my Saturday morning sleeping or pooping or whatever it is regular guys do, I’ll be working on this blog. It’s brand new and I’m very happy with the concept.

Since this is the very firstest blog, I thought I’d give a quick intro to what it is and why the hell I’m doing it. Over the past two years, I’ve been the member of the family largely responsible for collecting the kids from school attempting to manage homework, and cooking dinner. This, as I understand it, is not an unusual thing for a guy to do. The first couple of weeks were great. I made roasted basil chicken and fried potatoes with asparagus spears. Fast forward to yesterday, I baked (burned) tater-tots and chicken nuggets, and that was the most complex meal I prepared for the week. Not all weeks are that way, but cooking every night basically sucks. My least favorite part of the day, aside from waking up before 9am, is asking the dreaded question ‘What do you want for dinner tonight?’ Or, just as bad, hearing “what do you want me to pull out for you to cook for dinner.” The second one is worse because not only do I have to cook dinner, I have to work out what I’m going to cook. In the former, at least I get a free pass on part of it.

Anyhow, to bring this around, because let’s face it I’m writing a blog post and not a novel, this blog is going to focus on the dadding efforts I put forth in keeping my wife and children fed. There may be some other sorts of crafting discussed, and last but not least, ┬áreviews of some of my favorite alcoholic beverages, such as boxed wine and cheap whiskey. Don’t worry though, this is NOT your typical foody blog. This is a real story about a real guy who sometimes, often, boils noodles and calls it dinner.

Stay tuned folks.


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